Our Background

Dr. Karl Plott

Licensed Chiropractor
Graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic

Optimum Health Center began as a standard chiropractic practice operated by Dr. Karl Plott, a second generation chiropractor. In 2001 Dr. Plott was involved in a nearly incapacitating auto accident, leaving him with severe body pain and rendering him almost incapable of practicing as a chiropractor. After a few years of struggling through the pain, drastically hampered in his ability to treat patients, Dr. Plott discovered a company called PneuMex. PneuMex had a revolutionary approach to retraining the body to walk correctly, correct curvature of the spine, and retrain muscle sensors in order to balance the entire body. As Dr. Plott experienced the PneuMex equipment and method personally, the pain left his legs and eventually his neck. This revelation both enabled him to return to his own optimum health, and also placed a fire within him to share this discovery with all of his patients. Thus, Optimum Health Center became what it is today: a place where the whole body is treated by training it back into its natural balance so that you can compete-give-play.


Unweighting, traction, and core strengthening have been used for many years to treat pain. However, what makes PneuMex unique is how it combines all these methods to help your body regain its correct back curvature by strengthen all the appropriate muscles and retraining the nerves to work in concert with the muscles. The stimulation of the brain throughout the PneuMex program helps you not only to get better but also to stay better. Long term success comes from not only relieving pain but strengthening the body to operate in balance. PneuMex breaks the cycle of pain, strengthens your core, and helps you experience an active life free from pain.