You're One Step Away from a Better Day

Tired of Sitting on the Bench?
Tired of Sitting on the Bench?

Constantly Feeling Pain?
Constantly Feeling Pain?

Still Recovering Physically?
Still Recovering Physically?

If you are injured, in pain, or not performing at the level you desire, let us retrain your body using PneuMex to operate at its Optimum Health

Why PneuMex?

  • Avoid Back Surgery

  • Spinal Mapping

  • Custom treatment protocol

  • Stay actively involved in your own rehab

  • Achieve Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) in just 12-16 weeks

  • Increase performance

  • Decrease risk of injury

  • Utilizes FDA Approved methods

Our Approach

We tailor our programs to you and your desired outcome through a simple three step approach:


We measure your posture and the curvature of your spine using the PneuMap, and then evaluate your manner of walking (gait).


We then compare your spine and gait to what the ideal curvature of the spine and a balanced gait should be. Next, we develop a tailored training program using either the PneuBack or PneuFast equipment.


Using our tailored program over a period of sessions, we help restore or develop the muscles and nerves that work together to keep the body in correct balance. A body in balance has less pain, more mobility, and greater athletic performance.


Dr. Karl Plott

“If it wasn’t for this system, I would not be able to continue to practice. Many patients receive end point results for conditions that they have ‘dealt with’ for many years.”


“I went to the Chiropractor for 2 times per week for 7 years spending thousands of dollars without significant results. I tried Dr. Plott’s Pneumex treatment and he got rid of my problem. I only go for maintenance 3-4 times per year. Thank you Dr. Plott for giving me my life back!”


“I am a football player and wanted to start my senior year but I wasn’t fast enough. Then I began working with Dr. Plott and his FASTER program and I dropped a whole second off my 40 yard dash time. Then I became a starter, Thanks Dr. Plott!”


“I went to the Chiropractor twice a week for seven years without resolve. Now that I’ve went to Optimum Health Center and worked with Dr. Plott and the PneuMex equipment, I have got my life back!”